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Why choose ezyVet Veterinary Software?

The Problem
Running a veterinary clinic is hard and years of unintuitive, unintegrated, and just plain boring vet software hasn’t made life any easier for the owners and staff. Lost papers, missed appointments, manual calculations, incorrect orders. It costs vets time, it costs businesses money, and it makes your practice worse, not better.

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The Solution
Cloud Based Veterinary Software That’s Easy To Use
That’s why ezyVet was created in consultation with some of the world’s leading vets, to create the smartest, most mobile, all-in-one Veterinary Practice Management software ever. With a focus on beautiful design, intuitive usage and automated everything, ezyVet will change the way your clinic runs!

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Join hundreds of vet practices worldwide & discover the benefits! 


Monthly Improvements

With free monthly updates, ezyVet is always improving and always adding new features. Want a new feature? Your vet practice can request and vote on the features you want!


ezyVet On The Go

You can login and use ezyVet from your tablet or mobile device. With the ability to dictate and capture signatures it doesn’t matter where you are, ezyVet is still there to support you.


Customize Everything

ezyVet allows staff to customize the software to their liking. If there is something they don’t need to see, they can hide it. If they need extra information, they can add it. Software that can customized to be as simple or complex as you need it to be.


Better Financials

ezyVet can manage your stock, ordering and sales. We provide great real-time reports and integrate with a variety of account management software. Meaning you can keep all your data in one place… well actually in every place, in the cloud!